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Name:Donate with us
Summary:Dancing Goat regularly donates money to Children in Africa, a foundation helping children with food, accommodation, education, and other essentials. Donate with us and create a better world.
Post Date:11/12/2014, 12:00 AM

The people at Dancing Goat care about other people and their standard of living. Every year, we donate five thousand dollars to Children in Africa, and we also encourage all our customers to contribute to our public PayPal donation account to help us increase the final amount of money raised. The Children in Africa Foundation provides food, accommodation, medical service, and also education to children from poor regions in African countries.

Every month, volunteers from all over the world come and help out at Children in Africa camps, where they try and assist all children in need to try to narrow the gap in living standards. With the money donated, the foundation mainly buys much-needed food and medication.

Create a better world and donate with us to Children in Africa. Even a few dollars can improve someone's life. Any help from you is appreciated, and you will have our sincere thanks for every cent you donate